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Food App

”They are highly organized and detail-oriented. They are creative and adapt to each project regardless of the field.”


What problems are we solving with this branding project?

We like ambitious and daring projects that have the courage to go against the tide and challenge norms, while also being extremely consumer-oriented.

This project was built on a complex infrastructure and has a single purpose: to offer good food at the fairest price on the market.

Alongside a diverse family of brands (all created in our studio), the Zizam brand serves as the interface of a broad entity that understands global industry trends and consistently innovates, anticipating consumer needs.

To build this brand, we had to deeply explore its nature and establish a solid foundation.

Although it may seem at first glance to be just a food ordering and delivery app, Zizam is actually a multi-dimensional brand.

The challenge lay in creating an entity with a simple appearance and intricate functionalities.


What is the best approach to solve brand problems?

Zizam is the brand that defies norms and shatters conventions. It’s a visionary brand, brimming with energy and vibrancy, enriching people’s lives with joy.

Being fair and transparent, it caters to every type of consumer without discrimination, consistently delivering delightful surprises.

The brand’s communications are full of optimism, energy, and humor. The brand’s personality is friendly and honest, while the visuals are vibrant and colorful. Strong contrasts, vivid colors, and short, clear, often amusing messages are part of the brand’s identity.

 Zizam is a lively brand both figuratively and literally, building a community around it that embraces its values: courage, fairness, transparency, fun, and humor.


Featuring a slightly chaotic appearance, the logo adopts a typographic approach with a small visual element: an eye shaped like a map pointer, on which the entire weight of the logo rests.

The colors, shapes, and letter arrangement reflect the brand’s lively energy and personality.


Under the Zizam umbrella, there can be found a variety of unique brands that we’ve developed over time. Each one embodies the values and purpose that stood at the core of the original Zizam project. Every brand name and visual identity have been carefully conceived and developed through involvement, dedication, and creativity.

”They are very organized and detail-oriented. They take into account the opinions of the entire team and, furthermore, provide feedback from their industry reference group. The execution deadlines were exactly as promised, and the materials were made available to us whenever we needed them. They are creative and adapt to each project regardless of the field.”

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