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Frozen food warehouse and logistics

“Their ability to analyse and address our needs is what impresses us the most.”


What problems are we solving with this branding project?

Frosfera is a young company with Romanian and Spanish capital and represents the result of a long-standing partnership in the sectors of commerce and temperature-controlled food logistics. 

The company’s goal is to offer logistics and storage services to local, national, and international customers with high standards of quality and safety.

Positioned among direct competitors who hold a monopoly on this business segment, the main challenge was to identify the factors that differentiate the brand and provide the uniqueness element needed to stand out in the market.

The founders of this business have vast experience in the field and have managed to create a mechanism that covers the main shortcomings of competitors, and the brand identity must clearly communicate the company’s values: professionalism, efficiency, and adaptability.


What is the best approach for the brand?

Partnership, professionalism, efficiency

The brand name was created by combining the words “Frost” and “Sphere”, resulting in a proper noun, in a wordplay that has a melodious sound and phonetically resembles “prosper”. 

The visuals were designed to show strength and professionalism, using two shades of blue to create cold contrasts that mimic the look of ice and evoke a sense of preservation.


The symbolism behind the logo.

The logo illustrates stability, brute force, and a strong structure. The silhouette of the letter “F” is subtly inserted in the negative space in the upper part of the glacier.

The attention is focused on the glacier, a symbol of impressive magnitude and durability. The cold colours clearly suggest low temperatures, and the structure of the glacier itself represents a solid and strong foundation.

“Their ability to analyze and solve our needs is what impresses us the most.

We connected via video conferencing the whole time, so 100% attention.”

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