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Software development

“Everyone’s reaction was: “Wow!”. They appreciated the new image that reflects the values behind the brand.”


What problems are we solving with this branding project?

Asahi Technologies is a software development company based in New York, with over 10 years of experience and clients from a wide range of industries. The company was founded by a software engineer who is passionate about mathematics and computer science and spent over two decades specializing and perfecting his craft in the field.

The company is guided by a strong set of principles and a well-structured work methodology that consistently delivers results that exceed clients’ expectations. However, the company’s excellent services needed a brand that could match its capabilities.

The challenge was to uncover and articulate the fundamental elements of the brand, including its purpose, vision, mission, values, and positioning. These elements were then translated into the brand’s voice, tone, key messages, and visual identity.

Through this comprehensive rebranding process, Asahi Technologies was able to reveal its true identity and personality. The result was a brand that accurately reflects the company’s values and expertise.


What is the best approach for the brand?

Professionalism, perfectionism, technology and innovation, support and dedication.

Software development is a highly competitive and dynamic industry. As part of the rebranding strategy, we conducted a detailed analysis of the direct competitors and conducted an internal assessment of Asahi Technologies’ brand at the time.

By aligning with the company’s values and principles, we were able to create a unique and authentic personality for the brand, expressed through both visuals and key messaging.

In the rebranding strategy, we established the entire foundation of the brand, including its purpose, mission, vision, values, pyramid, target audience, voice and tone, personality, archetype, positioning, attributes, description, uniqueness, story, and more.

Based on these elements, we developed three visual concepts that we refined and perfected until we arrived at the perfect form that best represents the dimensions of the brand. An important aspect of finalizing the brand was transparency and authenticity, which is why the brand’s origin, story, team, and values were confidently and truthfully illustrated.


The symbolism behind the logo

The logo was the source of inspiration for the website’s theme.

“Asahi” means “morning sun” in Japanese.

Asahi Technologies represents a new beginning, innovation, and evolution.

The topaz green colour suggests the cool and fresh calmness of the morning.

The circle behind the text symbolizes the sun, but when applied on the website, it conveys a sense of breath, growth, and evolution.

The bold font in the word “Asahi” illustrates strength, while the lowercase letters give it a friendly and approachable feeling.

“Everyone’s reaction was: “Wow!”. They appreciated the new image that reflects the values behind the brand.”
One of our clients who reviewed our website was impressed by the overall design and brand feel, which was exactly what we had established in its positioning long before we developed the website. This proves that the brand was flawlessly translated through the applications that Armeanu Creative Studio created for us.”

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