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Turism - Resort montan

“What impressed me the most was their creativity and their ability to translate ideas into a coherent and compelling brand strategy.”


What problems are we solving with this branding project?

The Valley Resort is the outcome of a sustainable partnership, driven by the needs of the local community and a dedication to preserving nature, aiming to craft a distinctive resort experience in Romania.

In contrast to similar projects, The Valley Resort doesn’t just cater to guests but also engages with the local community in Vama Buzăului and the natural surroundings of the Ciucaș Mountains, fostering sustainable development by generating new opportunities.

For such an ambitious and expansive endeavor, a comprehensive brand identity is essential to encapsulate all the essential aspects of the brand.


What is the best approach to solve brand problems?

The brand targets both the national and European markets, with a target audience consisting of educated and conscious individuals, requiring a simple and memorable name, along with a distinctive identity that supports a unique positioning: premium comfort and modern facilities in the heart of nature.

The brand’s personality encompasses the traits of a remarkable expert in the field of tourism, based on the extensive and longstanding experience of the international operator BungalowNet Group.

The brand identity is elegant and minimalist, rooted in tradition, inspired by both the natural and local cultural settings.


The symbolism behind the logo.

The logo came to life after multiple attempts to capture the elusive essence that connects the brand with the natural and geographic setting.

Through joint efforts, we managed to solidify the final form of the logo, which abstractly and geometrically illustrates the “mountain peony” of the Ciucaș Mountains, reinterpreted from the specific embroidered motifs of the area. The logo encompasses the values that underpin the brand:

  • Embrace of local traditions
  • Respect for nature
  • Sustainable integration into the natural environment
  • Relaxation

“Armeanu Creative Studio demonstrated a deep understanding of our project objectives and target audience. They took the time to listen and grasp the essence of our business, and it was evident that they were truly invested in its success. The collaboration process was smooth and transparent. Communication with the team was excellent, and they were always open to feedback and adjustments.

What impressed me the most was their creativity and their ability to translate ideas into a coherent and compelling brand strategy. They provided valuable insights, including market research and competitor analyses, which helped us identify unique selling points and differentiation opportunities.”

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