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What problems are we solving with this branding project?

“Noi” (translated “Us”) is the largest Cash & Carry store with 100% Romanian capital. It was born out of the ambition of a single entrepreneur with the desire to support small retailers in rural areas and small cities.

Noi Cash & Carry offers a wide range of products at fair prices, in a friendly atmosphere where the purchasing process is easy, and the staff is always available to help customers. The brand targets store owners who need a diverse range of products at competitive prices.

Noi Cash & Carry is a concept that embodies values such as support and respect, having a dynamic culture and a friendly and authentic voice. Located in a shopping center surrounded by competitors, it needs to visibly differentiate itself and attract attention.

The warmth of the store’s staff and the discipline that underlies the fast-purchasing process must be communicated through a well-implemented branding strategy in all interactions with the public.

The ambition of this project is national expansion. Noi Cash & Carry must become a renowned, recognizable brand and a main pillar of support for store owners.


What is the best approach for the brand?

As the brand caters to local, small, family-owned businesses, particularly in rural areas, the identity and personality of Noi Cash & Carry will need to resonate with them while also communicating professionalism and seriousness.

The visual identity will inspire confidence and professionalism, support and respect, while also reflecting the Romanian spirit. The brand’s voice is warm and friendly. Brand messages always begin with lowercase letters to generate warmth and approachability.

Although the selected font is bold and imposing, denoting power, the letter type is constructed from curved lines with gentle rounding.

The shade of blue that defines the visual identity is a colour that generates emotions such as calmness, power, harmony, and safety. We want the interior of the store to be one where customers can shop in peace, without agitation, an environment where they feel relaxed and where they want to return not only for the low prices and variety of products, but also for the sense of well-being and satisfaction of interacting with an authentic Romanian brand.

The graphic identity system is based on curved lines and contrasts of white, yellow, and blue. Emphasis is placed on messages and the word “noi” (us/we). The messages illustrate competitiveness, product diversity, as well as trust and professionalism through an unconventional approach.

Inspired by traditional Romanian humour, we manage to touch the sensitive side of our audience.


The symbolism behind the logo

The “Noi Cash & Carry” logo is composed of curved and gentle shapes, giving it a friendly appearance, while the thickness of the letters also conveys strength.

The logo has three main components:

1. The Symbol

Guidance, expansion

The symbol directly conveys the idea of two arrows pointing left and right.

Family, collaboration, support

Indirectly, the concept of two different entities coming together in a common market is communicated.

Traditional, timeless

Subtly hidden in this symbol is a stylized fragment of the Infinite Column (sculpture by C. Brâncuși).

2. The Typographic Element “noi”

Essential to success

In this context, the first message conveyed is “dotting the i’s,” suggesting that “we” offer the essential for the success of clients and partners.

Friendship and support

The text is written in lowercase letters, illustrating a friendly environment and closeness to customers.

3. The Typographic Element “cash & carry”

Partner in business

This is the element that directly conveys the domain in which the brand operates: cash & carry. The target audience quickly identifies what the brand offers.


We have developed the store’s private label products.

We have created 3 private brands, categorized according to the quality of the products – low, medium, high – targeting different audiences:

Ale Hop, Simina, Hai-Hui

The products associated with these brands are: paper towels, garbage bags, toilet paper, mop, cling film, baking paper, aluminium foil, kitchen utensils, cutlery, and table napkins.

“Armeanu Creative Studio’s competitive advantage lies in their demonstrated creativity in all their meetings and implemented processes.
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