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Cargo Bikes Manufacturer

“They were approachable and highlighted the best aspects of my business through an excellent branding strategy.”


What problems are we solving with this branding project?

TEN:07 (“Ten O Seven”) is a brand that cares about people and nature. It aims to turn the passion into high-quality products that bring joy to everyone who rides TEN:07 bicycles. With the mission of providing people with the freedom of movement, the brand encourages them to live a healthy and conscious lifestyle. 

The Netherlands is known for its dedicated bicycle infrastructure and cycling culture. 

Launching a new brand in the highly competitive market of cycling is no small feat. But TEN:07 is up for the challenge so we needed to find a strong differentiating factor to make this start-up stand out.

The first Ten:07 product is an innovative cargo bike (“Unicorn”) that is practical, foldable, incredibly functional, and amazingly fun to ride. 

They’re not just selling bikes – they’re creating a lifestyle. So come join the movement, and let TEN:07 take you on a ride you won’t forget.

Therefore, we created a cool and bold brand that quickly attracts attention and easily communicates the brand’s values.


What is the best approach for the brand?

Passion, honesty and good vibes. 

The brand started from Dan’s desire to build his own bicycle business that would showcase his creativity and engineering thinking.

Passionate about bicycles and their construction in a way that is both simple and practical, Dan embarked on a mission to make a beneficial contribution to people’s lives while also taking care of the environment.

Inspired by Dan’s passion and personality, we have created a vibrant and colourful brand. TEN:07 is a playful and dynamic brand that encourages people to move and make conscious decisions.

Its visual identity is a perfect blend of fluid curves and sharp lines, reflecting the brand’s harmonious balance between approachability and professionalism.


The story behind the logo.

The logo is a minimalist and playful representation of a donkey lured out of the circle by a banana, which represents healthy food and energy (one of cyclists’ favourite foods). The donkey is a symbol of strength, service, and peace. The brand encourages people to be active and step out of their comfort zone to discover a mobile and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the brand’s slogan is “CYCLE OUT”.

In the logo, there’s also a hidden clock – the donkey’s ears point to 10:07 – “time for a banana”. This playful detail adds a touch of fun to the brand’s identity and reinforces the idea of healthy living.

But what does it mean?  

At 10:07 is Dan’s first meal of the day, which consists of a single banana. As it turns out, he accidentally set his alarm for that time. When he was building bicycles for another brand, the alarm would go on at 10:07 every day, and someone in the factory would shout out: “Banana time”.

„Ten:07 – Banana time!”

This funny happening became the inspiration behind the TEN:07 brand, as it represents the importance of healthy living and the joy of cycling. The brand’s unique name and logo are related to this original story, and serve as a constant reminder of the values that inspired Dan to start his own bicycle business.

It’s Dan’s time!

“They were approachable and highlighted the best aspects of my business through an excellent branding strategy. Ana and Catalin Armeanu helped me establish a cohesive and premium look for my brand. The products we offer, the website, social media channels, and the way we sell our products all came together through this project.”

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