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Food industry

”Highly professional. We navigated through over 100 pages of information presented in a simple yet highly effective manner.”


What problems are we solving with this branding project?

Carmolimp stands out as one of the Romanian brands that has successfully navigated decades of changes and challenges, evolving into a contemporary brand that understands trends and brings significant changes to the food market.

Established in 1993 as a family business, the company has faced numerous obstacles and difficulties but has never deviated from its core values: quality, tradition, and respect.

It has demonstrated sustainability and authenticity, enduring the passage of time, turbulent periods, and continuous changes without losing its identity and connection to the essence of the local culture.

Through vision and constant reinvention, Carmolimp maintains its relevance in the tumult of modernity, offering uncompromising quality. Our mission was to understand the essence of this brand and reinvent it in a way that allows the continuity of core values adapted to the current context and the need for innovation.


What is the best approach to solve brand problems?

Roots, tradition, continuity, transparency.

The brand’s story is closely tied to the Făgăraș area, the birthplace of the company, and this connection is integrated into the visual identity of the brand along with ancient Romanian symbols.

The tagline, ‘With love from the Land of Făgăraș,’ complements the narrative, conveying the care and emotional involvement in crafting clean and high-quality products.

However, the brand is not just about tradition and roots; it’s also about the transparency in conducting its activities and the integrity with which it treats consumers.

This brand metamorphosis has redefined the interaction with the market, consolidating a business model that combines innovation with respect for tradition, offering consumers an authentic and valuable experience.

The new direction is based on a simple and innovative concept: eliminating intermediaries from the distribution chain to ensure a fair price. Brand communications and messages are crafted in this direction, ensuring that consumers make informed choices


The symbolism behind the logo.

  1. Sun- 7 points – 7 rays – 7 days. The sun is a symbol of rebirth, power, and vitality.
  2. Church – faith, tradition. The fortified church in Cincu is a strong symbol of the Făgăraș region.
  3. Mountain and nature. The factory is situated at the base of the Făgăraș mountain chain.


The brand’s visual identity is defined by a simplistic design, where the brand’s distinctive blue color takes center stage amidst bold contrasts with white negative spaces and touches of red.

We incorporated patterns created from traditional symbols that embrace the history and cultural essence of the brand.

The meticulous attention to products and the emotional engagement of individuals is subtly conveyed through the integration of monochromatic sketch-style illustrations.

The brand’s tagline in a ‘banderole’ format is prominently featured in the majority of visual compositions.

The circle

regeneration, movement without a beginning or end

The Nut core

symbol of sharp intellect and wisdom

The detoured path

The life, the journey we have to traverse, with both good and bad, but always moving forward

”Highly professional. We initiated with a very detailed meeting between our management team and Armeanu Creative Studio, followed by subsequent clarification sessions. Throughout these interview sessions, they delved into numerous questions about how we perceive the brand. It was an extremely interesting process, as they took care to gather a wealth of information using sophisticated interview techniques, ensuring that the entire team was clear at every step of the process. We navigated through over 100 pages of information presented in a simple yet highly effective manner.”

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