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We love to create new brands but also to reinvent & redesign brands. We take the logo designing to the next level, putting great emphasis on symbolism

graphic design

Our creative team allways comes with original concepts for the the design projects: packaging, label design, catalogs, posters, brochures and more

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It’s not easy to manage the visual identity of your business. Our team is specialised in branding and brand strategy. You have our full support!

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Steve Jobs

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Meet the creative team

Catalin Armeanu

Catalin Armeanu

founder - graphic designer & illustrator

As a graphic design passionate, my ideas come to life in unique concepts that are always original. For over 10 years of experience I worked along many domains: branding, packaging, web-design, illustration. I always offer my clients complete solutions for start-ups or rebranding. My commitment is not only in developing graphic concepts, but also in keeping them at a high level required by today’s marketing challenges. My passion for design started in childhood, being cultivated through the years at the Arts University of Bucharest.

Ana Armeanu

Ana Armeanu

founder - graphic designer & cultural anthropologist

I like order and performance and that’s why I coordinate most of our projects. Nevertheless behind my pragmatic thinking, the creation manifests itself in metaphoric designs and photography as I like to highlight the best part of the humanity. Studying philology and cultural anthropology helped me understand the underneath of the collective human mind, which gave me the ability to interpret and manipulate words and images. The ongoing interaction with different socio-cultural environments helps me exceed in my professional and personal plans. I love nature and music.



web developer & psychotherapist

I am Vlad, an enthusiastic of the human mind and technology. I like to train my mind in the most efficient and unconstrained way so I can develop performant and friendly-user websites and apps. I studied yoga and meditation under traditional spiritual guidance in India and Nepal, graduating in the same time the Faculty of Psychology, becoming a integrative psychotherapist. I want to offer people real solutions for an inners sense life-style in a technological developed world.



web developer & musician

Hi there. My first passion was music – a field that requires a lot of discipline, method, patience and creativity. These are the key qualities of a dedicated artist. Same rules apply in web design. All the time and effort invested in education and personal training reflect in my work and creations.
Web developing is like music, the programing codes are musical notes, each one must be correct and in harmony with the other, in order to create clear, strong messages.


Armeanu Creative Studio doesn’t just create logos, they create art. When I first asked  for a logo, they gave me something else; they created an image for my company that determines me every day to rise up my standards to keep up with it. In the beginning I thought that the logo will be ready in 2-3 days, but it took three weeks, as the concept grew and evolved under my eyes. It worth the time and I’m very satisfied when i handle out my business cards.

Ciprian Jdera

Manager, Marten City Lodge

My second collaboration with Armeanu Creative Studio, who became my brand managers in the meanwhile, was one of my favorites. We met for a quick appointment; we were both in hurry, but our discussion lasted 3 hours. As I was very excited describing my new project, they became as enthusiastic as me. We talked later in that evening, and they told me that they had worked non-stop on my new project, I felt they worked with passion, I knew they understood me very clearly and felt what I wanted to accomplish. The first version of the logo was the final one to. It took less than 24 hours and it’s the best graphic design work I have ever seen. My business partners couldn’t believe that THAT was our logo, and again we had to rise up our standards to keep up with our image. The thanks are not enough. Our success is also dedicated to our designers. 

Ciprian Jdera

Co-Founder, Omega Men

Gritty wanted a logo as serious as it is playful, being a project dedicated to children and parents. I admit it was quite difficult to get to the final version, Catalin giving us more options. We finally managed together and Gritty now has an visual identity, and moreover, a successful graphic illustration describing in a single image the essence of the character, as Mendeleev’s Periodic Table does! Thank Catalin & Armeanu Creative Studio for creativity and perseverance!

Iustina Ghiță

Vicepresident, Gritty Education Association

I worked with many designers and graphic artists over the years, from advertising agencies to freelancers. Ana Armeanu is an extremely talented professional, who can connect to the real need of the client, subtle and open-minded. The result was always surprisingly harmonious delivering the messages we wanted. Thank you, Ana! I strongly recommend Armeanu Studio for branding and logo design.

Victoria Gall

President, Vedic Dharma Association

When it comes to logo design, Catalin proved a unique creativity. We found hard to decide only on one image he proposed, as all were extremely good. The web site works really good with the visual identity communicated by the logo. We got a professional image for the business we started. I truly recommend! 

Sebastian Cibu

Founder, Gala Immage

years of experience

projects completed

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email: contact@armeanustudio.com

phone: 0040766703055

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