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We are a multidisciplinary Design Agency based in Bucharest. We build and grow innovative brands worldwide.




We optimized communication developing an exclusive platform.

We can add comments directly to the design, thus shortening the time allocated for explanations when we collaborate remotely.

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We are a Design Agency focused on creating innovative brands. Our creative team is ready to deliver high quality results in branding, rebranding, packaging design, illustration and web design. Our concepts are always born out of sketches, dedicated work and constructive communication, all based on a smart branding strategy.


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The Armeanu team has created more than a logo, they have created art. I called them for a logo but I received much more than that. I have received a new image for my company that made me raise my standards daily, just to keep up with the logo. I tough the creation of the logo will last 1-2 days, but it took three weeks for the concept to grow under my eyes. It has worth it; I’m pleased and proud when I offer my business card. Ciprian Jdera

Manager, Marten City Lodge

Gritty wanted a logo that could be serious and playful in the same time, as it is a project dedicated to both parents and children. I admit it was quite difficult to get to the final version, as the team gave us many choices. Finally, we have succeeded together, and Gritty has a new identity, and moreover, a successful graphic illustration that describes in one image the essence of character, as Mendeleev’s Periodic Table does! Many thanks to the studio for their creativity and perseverance! Iustina Ghiță

Vicepresident, Gritty Education Association

I have worked with many designers over the years, from advertising agencies and advertising production houses. Catalin Armeanu is an extremely talented professional who knows how to connect to the customer’s real need, subtle and open! The result was always surprisingly harmonious and appropriate to the message we intended to convey! Thank you, Catalin! Victoria Gall

President, Vedic Dharma Association

The second collaboration with Armeanu Creative Studio, which in the meantime has become my main source of creation, was one that I love to tell. We met in a hurry, but the discussion lasted for 3 hours. I described my new project, excited, and they became as enthusiastic as me. We talked in the evening, the next day they worked non-stop on my project, I felt that they have put in a lot of soul. I was sure they understood very well and "sensed the feeling" of what I want to do. The initial concept was the final version. It took less than 24 hours and is the best design and branding work I've ever seen. My partners couldn’t believe their eyes, they couldn’t believe that it was OUR logo, and for the second time we have to raise our standards to keep up with the image. Thanks are not enough; they are part of our team now, they are part of our success!

Ciprian Jdera

Co-Founder, Omega House

As we started our business it was quite difficult for us to handle in a professionally way the branding issues. Our chance was to meet Catalin and his team, who, through their remarkable talent and experience, quickly succeeded in understanding what we wanted and what we needed. The results came immediately, concretizing in the DTLawyers logo, which manages to inspire and motivate us daily. Thanks a lot Armeanu Creative Studio! Creative, dynamic, professional. Lucian Tufler

Managing Prtner, DT Lawyers

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