We are an award-winning branding agency;a creative couple that offers strategic solutions for more than 10 years for clients from various fields and cultures.

We offer branding consultancy and we build successful brands.

The creative process starts with a workshopthat helps us to better understand thecompanies and theirneeds and identify the problemsthey face,thus managing to propose viable solutions.

Everything is clearly reflected in a branding strategy that represents the foundation of any branding or rebranding project.



We start with discovering and understanding the needs of the brand, followed by the branding strategy.

Discovery workshop



Competition analysis

Brand Attributes


We shape the brand according to the developed strategy, following the originality and distinction on the market.


Logo design

Graphic Identity

Brand Book



Whether you are at the beginning of the road or you are struggling with brand gaps, we are here to help.

Brand audit

Brand implementation

Production assistance


Branding workshops

Let’s meet

We are a couple working together for over 10 years. We like to maintain a relaxed and creative atmosphere in our branding studio Our pets animate the space in a funny way, always bringing smiles to the faces of the clients who visit us.

We offer branding services and tangible solutions to solve the problems that brands face: branding strategy, brand architecture, branding, rebranding, messaging, design and consulting.


Founder & Branding Strategist


The mission of a successful brand is to effectively communicate with the target audience, often divided into different cultures but with common values. Studies and passion for anthropology provide me with the necessary skills to identify the values that unite the brand’s target audience, as well as the voice it needs to effectively communicate with it.

Make it simple but significant.


Founder & Brand Designer


What makes us different is the strategic approach and simplicity of the design that we create in our branding projects. A decisive factor is the clear communication of the brand’s messages and values. Simple and intriguing ideas attract more attention. It is enough to deliver the essence, leaving the imagination to build on an already created basis.

A good design not only looks good, but works.



Logo design awarded by “Design Rush”

The "Omega House" logo was awarded by Design Rush in the Best Logo Design of 2021 competition. Thanks to the jury for the appreciation. Such moments motivate us to continue making the same efforts in developing creative projects, remarkable nationally and...

Top 30 Fashion Branding Companies

Armeanu Creative Studio a fost recunoscut ca un studio de branding de top în sectorul modei de către Design Rush.DesignRush it's a B2B online plaform that helps users to find the best professional companies, according with their areas of expertise. DesignRush connects...

Top Romanian B2B Company in 2021

We help businesses grow with our brand consulting services. We’re a Romania-based branding agency that offers branding strategy, naming, branding, rebranding, brand architecture, and brand consulting. Through an interactive workshop, we aim to understand our clients’...

Best Creative Branding Consulting Agency – Southern Romania

For more than 10 years we have been supporting clients from Romania and abroad with branding and consulting services. During all this time, our efforts to solve in a strategic and creative way the problems they face have always been appreciated. We are delighted when...

International award-winning Rebranding – Valeputna

The Valeputna rebranding project was awarded in April 2021 by the A’Design Awards.In 1896, in the small village of Valea Putnei was founded the first trout farm under the name of “Valeputna Fischbruthutte”. It is here where the first "cobza" of smoked trout was...

Armeanu Creative Studio Named a Top Romanian B2B Company

At Armeanu Creative Studio, we put the needs of our clients first. We are a couple working together for over 10 years who offer tangible solutions to solve the problems that brands face: branding strategy, branding & rebranding, brand implementation and brand...


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