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Premium culinary products

“They have an excellent and efficient workflow!
The workshop at the beginning of the rebranding project helped us understand a lot about our brand.”


What problems are we solving with this branding project?

Valeputna is a well-known brand in the sector of natural culinary products made from smoked trout. It is perceived as a traditional brand that celebrates local recipes.

Our mission is to direct the entire identity towards sophistication while maintaining its historical and traditional roots, thus communicating to a pretentious audience without losing a large percentage of existing consumers.

Through the rebranding process, we aim to reposition Valeputna at its current level of value and attract the attention of consumers who seek more than just a traditional and natural product.

Valeputna offers select culinary products, but above all, it provides a unique sensory experience that truly sets it apart.


What is the best approach for the brand?

Roots, history, authenticity, and original recipes. 

We help brands to better understand and guide them on the journey to discover the unique values that make each brand special.

The uniqueness of Valeputna lies in the fact that the entire brand is built on authentic roots and has a rich cultural heritage. The perpetuation of the tradition of smoked trout, alongside the passion for continuously perfected new recipes, are the unmistakable elements of the brand.

The products are of high quality and represent a continuous effort of the brand to deliver perfection and refinement, as well as synaesthesia of senses, offering a unique culinary experience.

Each product has been crafted according to original recipes, some of which are old, improved, and adapted to contemporary tastes, while others are new, created to achieve perfection.

Strong colour contrasts to emphasize the essence of each product, and the execution of the packaging made of premium materials (cardboard, foil, selective varnish) attracts attention to the products on the shelf and provides a superior positioning compared to the brand’s direct competitors.

We have created a unitary, yet distinct design that is sophisticated enough in order to illustrate refinement and attention to detail.

The logo design, together with the arcade-inspired by the shape of the gate of the Suceava fortress, communicate the traditional roots of the brand, wrapped in refinement and elegance.

The Valeputna brand package design was awarded the A’Design Award in April 2021.


The story behind the logo.

The elements that form this emblematic logo are the smoked trout, the fir cones (used in the process of smoking the fish), and the crown.

The logo weaves the fluidity and simplicity of nature with royal history, elements that harmonize into a complex yet clean symbol that evokes the origins and history of the brand.

“They have an excellent and efficient workflow!
The workshop at the beginning of the rebranding project helped us understand a lot about our brand.
They managed to transform Valeputna into a concept that perfectly encompasses our values, offering us a premium positioning on the market.”

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