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Lifestyle and Fashion – Luxury accessories

”I felt like I had a partner who truly understood my ambitions and what I wanted to achieve with this project.”

Foto and video by Vali Bărbulescu.


What problems are we solving with this branding project?

Leonthe brand was created for business people who value the use of luxury in a functional way.

While luxury denotes exclusivity and belonging to a higher social class, the modern fashion consumer sees luxury as something accessible and of high quality without requiring a considerable financial effort.

Compared to the distant past when clothing and accessories served certain functions, fashion has evolved to the point where these objects no longer serve a strictly utilitarian purpose, but rather illustrate prestige and dress code.

Leonthe is a brand that blends prestige and exclusivity with functionality and conscious choice. It is a timeless and functional brand dedicated to powerful people who identify with Leonthe’s values.


What is the best approach for the brand?

Refinement, quality, distinction

Luxury brands don’t just sell expensive products, they sell a complete image that consumers can identify with. 

But when it comes to the product itself, what makes it stand out? Is it handcrafted, customizable, functional, or exclusive? Does it have a conventional, avant-garde, innovative, or daring design? Who buys the product and why? What values does the consumer hold and how do they align with those of the brand?

To answer these questions, we embarked on a deep dive into the core values of the Leonthe brand and analysed other luxury brands. We identified the brand’s unique selling proposition, target group and consumer typologies, communication methods, and last but not least, the visual identity and brand voice.

Refinement – a timeless design that harmonizes elegance and utility in a unique product within the luxury handbag industry.

Quality – Both the materials used in production and the processing methods provide the bags with a long lifespan, preserving their refined appearance and properties. The sizes of the bags are carefully proportioned, and the compartmentalization is done taking into account both functionality and design.

Distinctiveness – meticulous attention to detail in finishing, unique elements and subtle exotic notes – powerful assets to justify a strong, yet conscious choice.

All of these aspects are reflected in the brand through minimalism and balance.


Perfection lies in the details.

The compact design and balanced placement of the logo at the centre of the letter ‘N’ epitomize the strong and refined style of the brand. 

The bold and confident attitude of the brand is reflected in the way the letter ‘O’ is cut, resulting in an abstract symbol that represents the harmonization of both male and female symbols. Leonthe is a brand that speaks with the same voice to both men and women, catering to those who are confident and powerful. 

“What I appreciated the most in this collaboration was their high level of involvement. I felt like I had a partner who truly understood my ambitions and what I wanted to achieve with this project. They managed to build a brand that perfectly harmonizes with the values of my products.”

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