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Dental Clinic

“They are very well organised. We liked the strategic approach to the creative process.”


What problems are we solving with this branding project?

The dental clinic is an environment where most people arrive tense, with a bit of fear, emotions, many even with terror and phobia. The challenge was to create a relaxed but unique atmosphere, as this clinic is different from common ones. Here is a place where empathy and dedication meet professionalism and discipline.

The brand atmosphere will have to convey what any patient will find in the clinic: positive energy, calmness, smiles, dedication, care, and professionalism. Located in the Carol Park area of Bucharest, the clinic’s identity resonates with the local atmosphere and urban spirit. Surrounded by bars, terraces, parks, museums, the clinic emanates vitality, vibration, and local energy.


What is the best approach for the brand?

Smiles, colours, good vibes, professionalism

The chosen color palette conveys positive energy and warmth, having a strong influence in creating an environment where patients can relax, unwind and leave their emotions behind.

The brand’s messages target a young, cool audience, speaking in a lively, relaxed and friendly voice.

The graphic identity’s minimalism provides a professional look and quickly gains the public’s trust.

You’ll leave with a big and bright smile 🙂

Forget what you know about the concept of a dental clinic.

Urban Dent is a cool environment, with cool people, for cool people, located in the heart of Bucharest.

Surrounded by the urban bustle – terraces, park, museum, restaurants – it fits perfectly in the warm, lively and colorful atmosphere.


The symbolism behind the logo.

The logo is non-conformist and bold for this type of business, and it illustrates the brand’s different approach.

Behind the symbol, there are multiple meanings: an inspired idea, a dental implant, an optimistic and vibrant place.

“First of all, they are people you enjoy talking to; very calm and communicative. They asked a lot of questions, wanting to understand all the issues we were facing.
They are very well organised. We liked the strategic approach to the creative process.”

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