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Paleo Suisse – Switzerland

Paleo Suisse is a brand dedicated to paleo nutrition and to responsible food consumption. It’s about freedom, movement, health and evolution. The brand purpose is to offer conscious people and long-term thinkers the assurance that they have made a good decision for their health and for the environment.



  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • Brand guidelines
  • Production:
  1. logo animation
  2. packaging
  3. stationary
  4. social media templates
  5. Web Design


What problems do we solve through this branding project?

In recent years, the paleo diet has begun to gain popularity, but as with any food trend, there are a lot controversial issues. The brand has created a clean product, based on paleo nutrition, that will help people when they need a full meal that provides them with the necessary intake of energy and nutrients. At the same time, the brand aims to become the first Swiss brand dedicated to the paleo diet and to have a product that is easily associated with the cultural identity of Switzerland.

The brand must efficiently communicate the principles of the paleo diet and capture the attention of the target group that resonates with these principles, but also with moral and social values ​​related to responsible food consumption, environmental protection and long-term thinking.

The logo is a combination between the typographic form of the brand name and the symbol of a spearhead. The animation of the logo makes the transition from the Swiss flag to the spear, the hunting weapon of our ancestors from the Paleolithic era.

It is about meeting the ancestral with the present times and Swiss values ​​(quality, precision, dedication).

Why precision? Because the recipe of the product is very strict and well proportioned to achieve the nutritional values ​​of the paleo diet.


How do we solve the problems the brand faces?

The colors chosen for the overall look of the packaging combines the specific color of the Swiss flag with the cave painting theme. Red has another role to play here: it inspires the brute force of hunting.

The selected font for the product name is “Helvetica”, which together with “Pemmicam” (the Native American name for the dried meat mixture) creates a unique concept and a novel combination of two different cultures.

Through the creative process that included a branding strategy, we identified the voice and tone of voice for the brand messages in order to have a good communication with the audience, so the consumer will understand that the brand is more than just “another” energized food bar on the market.

The brand is for active and aware people who love freedom, dynamism and nature, and do not make compromises when it comes to food or health.

The whole visual of the brand is based on strong contrasts between white, red and black. There is a “craft” touch suggested by the brush stroke, the “handwritten” text and the “charcoal” illustrations of the ingredients.

The product presentation contexts emphasize on the idea that the food bar is indispensable when it comes to achieve a goal: health and strength, adventure and endurance, exploration and discovery of oneself in nature.

Their desire to truly understand the product and our mission was impressive. Presenting many different ideas before we had the opportunity to select the most promising concepts has helped us to make the best decision.

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