Branding strategy defines the brand along with its values and purpose. Through this document we define the branding key factors: what the brand offers, to whom it addresses and in what way, what needs it satisfies and which design direction it will approach.

We’ll define customers / consumers profiles, their values and their needs.

We will identify practical solutions to meet the needs of customers / consumers.

The branding strategy also involves an analysis of competitors to identify things common to each brand, as well as the differences between them. This analysis will help us identify the brand’s position on the market and build the elements that will differentiate it from the rest.

Brand leadership lines will be drawn: what is the element that offers brand uniqueness and personality, what is the audience of the brand needs to be focused on, what benefits the brand of the target group promises?

Three stylescapes will be developed: graphic compositions illustrating the type of letter, colors, visual elements, mockups, all combined in a unitary manner that illustrates brand’s feeling. The stylescapes are a great tool in making decisions about the aesthetics direction of the brand. From the 3 style scapes we will choose the one that is most representative of the brand’s personality, followed by the logo development.



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