A great brand name should be both memorable and distinctive, staying true to the overall branding strategy while also embodying the brand’s unique personality. 

As of January 2023, there were 109,795,283 registered trademarks world-wide, posing a significant challenge when endeavouring to create a brand that is fresh, distinctive, and truly unique.

When conducting research for brand naming, we take into consideration the following aspects in order to minimize the risks associated with registering a new trademark:

> the name should clearly differentiate from other registered brands within the same niche class

> there must be no phonetic similarity to another name registered on the same niche class

Another external factor that influences the creation of a new name is the availability of the web domain (it becomes a challenge when a .com domain is needed).

Other important criteria in the naming process include memorability, originality, international resonance, ease of readability or pronunciation, and alignment with the brand’s industry.

During naming process, we come up with a multitude of good ideas, but a significant portion of them may not meet the trademark registration criteria. From a long list of attempts, we narrow down to three potential names that reflect the brand identity outlined in the branding strategy.

For each of the chosen names, in partnership with TAS Agency, we prepare risk reports that illustrate the estimated risk of opposition to registering the trademark in the relevant classes within the brand’s field of activity.