At the beginning of 2023, Ad World Masters proudly unveils its ‘Agencies of the Year’. Their strict criteria and meticulous evaluation of each agency have been compiled into a ranking of the world’s most exceptional agencies.

Agency of the Year 2022 is a unique digital competition organized by Ad World Masters, where agencies are rewarded based on big data, the core of ADWM. A total of over 160 data points per agency were processed by an AI algorithm to calculate the Agency Score, the quintessence of this data, and provide insight into agency potential. The Agency of the Year 2022 competition is based on Ad World Masters agency scores. All agency scores are manually reviewed by the Ad World Masters team.

The Romanian market has grown steadily in recent years, boosted by an increase in e-commerce and digital advertising. According to a report by IAB Romania, the total value of the advertising market in Romania reached 1.2 billion euros in 2020, up 6.5% compared to the previous year. The digital advertising market represented 32.6% of the total advertising expenditure, with a value of 390 million euros.

The future perspective is huge, with branding playing an extremely important role in this environment. We are happy to be among the internationally recognized and appreciated branding agencies for the projects developed.