The process of creating a logo or visual identity is one that involves both creativity and strategic and analytical thinking. It is important that the logo reflects the brand values previously defined in the branding strategy.

In our branding projects we rely on minimalism; whether it is a typographic or symbolic logo, it must be reduced to the optimal form that communicates the core values of the company.

The stages of creating a logo or visual identity are divided into three main points:

1. Target audience analysis – values, culture, trend. The logo must communicate clearly with the target.

2. Establishing two basic values to be illustrated in the logo, followed by a research for identifying the symbols used to illustrate these values. It is important to know what is already on the market; we want to be original, but not very distant from the concepts with which the audience is accommodated. We like to be daring and introduce a little “twist” into our projects where needed.

3. We create 3 logo concepts. We have 3 rounds of revisions on one of the concepts. We apply the final concept on 2 mock-ups (the most relevant for the field of activity). We define the color range and deliver the final documents (vector and rasterized logo).