Branding Workshop

In about 3 hours, we will take the first steps in creating the new brand through aninteractive workshop developed according to your business needs. We will identify the brand attributes, target group, consumer profile and talk about the competition.

In the workshop, we will be able to discover and understand the brand valuestogether, and you will have a clear vision of your own brand and the needs it needs to cover.

At the end of this brand discovery session, we will be able to look at your project from inside, and have a global picture of it.

As mentioned above, depending on each bussiness, the workshop will take place on various stages, which will aim to identify all aspects related to the brand, and the participants will be represented by the people directly involved in the brand developing and growth (from employees, human resources and marketing managers, CEOs, founders, shareholders, etc.).

Once we have completed this initial stage, but very important in the branding process, we will move on to the next stage of discovery and research: the branding strategy.