A good design not only looks good, but it also functions effectively.

The development of a brand’s visual identity is based on its branding strategy. The most important aspects we consider when starting the creation process are:

> the brand culture

> the ideal client/consumer

> brand voice

> the unique elements of the brand

“It’s not enough for a brand to look good. It has to work! Translating the branding strategy into a correct visual identity requires a disciplined creative process.”


Brand Designer


Following the 3 directions outlined in the branding strategy, we develop 3 Style Boards. These are 3 visual concepts that illustrate three different brand positions. They include:

> typography elements

> color palette

> key design elements (key visuals)

> people with which the brand communicates

> messaging


The creation and construction of a logo are determined by the chosen branding direction and follow the design type of one of the three Style Boards. We develop three versions of the logo that harmonize with the branding direction and embody the brand’s personality.

We are fully invested in every project we undertake. Sometimes we enjoy subtly illustrating the origins or story of the brand through the design. Our approach involves seeking out clever symbols and elements that we can integrate seamlessly into the design.

One such example is Rialto, a luxury restaurant in Wismar, northern Germany, which relocated to a former maritime silo known as “Silo No. 3.” In the logo, we included both the silo architecture and the number 3.


As we create the logo, we simultaneously develop the key design elements, which together form the visual direction for the brand.

To fully showcase the brand’s visual identity, we accompany the logo presentation with mock-ups of relevant brand applications. These illustrate how the visual identity functions across various mediums, such as packaging, banners, business cards, and more.

Once the logo has been chosen, we proceed with developing the brand book, which encompasses all of the brand’s elements along with its entire visual identity.