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Valeputna is the first Romanian brand that manufactures food delicacies from smoked trout meat, following old traditional recipes combined with personal culinary art. Innovate taste based on old knowlodge.



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  • Brand Manual
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The brand redesign of Valeputna has received the A’Design Silver Awards in April 2021.


What problems do we solve through this branding project?

Valeputna is a well-known brand in the sector of natural food products made out from smoked trout. It is perceived as an traditional brand, that values old local recipes.

The rebranding process repositions the values of the brand to its actual level. The aim is to attract the attention of consumers who are looking for more than just a traditional and natural product. Valeputna offers unique culinary products, but above all, it offers a unique sensorial experience.

Our mission is to direct the entire identity towards the core of the brand: refinement and traditional roots, thus communicating to a demanding audience, without losing a large percentage of existing consumers.


How do we solve the problems the brand faces?

We discovered the brand positioning through the branding strategy:

Valeputna offers premium fish culinary products to demanding people in an exclusive environment with an elegant voice, making them feel exalted and pampered.

The products are of high quality and represent a continuous effort of the brand in delivering perfection and refinement.

What makes the brand unique: history and heritage, continuity and perfection. The brand is built on authentic roots and has a whole heritage behind it.

We created a minimalist design, sophisticated enough to illustrate the refinement and attention to detail. The strong color contrasts emphasize the essence of each product. The execution of packaging, made of premium materials (cardboard, folio, selective varnishing), draws attention on the products and offers a superior positioning over the brand’s direct competitors.

The design of the logo, along with the arch inspired from the shape of the gate of Suceava Fortress, communicates aboutthe old traditional roots of the brand, wrapped in refinement and elegance.


The logo brings togheter the fluidity and simplicity of nature with the royal history. The elements harmonize in a complex but clean symbol, which speaks about the roots and authenticity of the brand.

We had several workshops at the beginning of the project, using a process that revealed a lot about our identity. Then, with a lot of work, we came up with a design that illustrates our values.

Florin Irimescu

CEO, Valeputna


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