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VALEPUTNA is a tribute to the first trout in Romania and to the craftsmen who owe the secrets of the smoking network.

In the small town of Valea Putnei, the first trout was founded in 1986, with the name “Valeputna Fischbruthutte”, where the local delicacy “Cobza” was invented, smoked trout with fir cones and beech wood, surrounded by fir and tied with walnuts of hazelnut. Legend says this delicacy was created in 1927 on the occasion of the party given at the Royal Castle in Poiana Itcani, in honor of His Majesty’s Coronation, King Mihai.


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What problems do we solve through this branding project?

Creating a memorable emblem that inspires the values of the brand, closely related to the mystery and tradition of the culinary craft of smoked trout: passion, perfection, good taste, naturalness.

Building a brand that visually includes the product qualities: artisan recipe, fresh local ingredients of the highest quality, health and extraordinary taste.

Creating an image of legendary inspiration, fairy tale that will print subtly in the consumer’s memory.


How do we solve the problems that the brand faces?

Starting from the whole story of the brand and using elements related to diversified realms: royalty, tradition, nature and craft, we have built a logo that combines the basic elements of the brand, reflected in the product: natural, handmade, premium, perfect .

The colors used in the VALEPUTNA product ranges were chosen from pastel and soft pallets, to illustrate the delicacy of the products and the passion behind the brand.

I appreciated the intuitive way in which they understood what values and what concept we actually want to convey. Each time they succeeded in materializing our desires, in a surprising way. That’s why everywhere we go people value the Valeputna brand superlatively and often the question arises: “What designers do you work with?”.
Communication is outstanding!
Thank you Armeanu Creative Studio!
Florin Stefan Irimescu
Owner Valeputna


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