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VALEPUTNA – Branding & packaging

Valeputna is a tribute to the first trout farm in Romania – set up in Valea Putnei in 1896 under the name of “Valeputna Fischbruthutte” – and to the artisans that we owe the secrets of the smoking recipe. In the Valley of Putna was invented the local delicacy known as Cobza, smoked trout with fir cones and beech wood, dressed in fir-tree fir and tied with hazelnuts. The story says that it was invented in 1927 on the occasion of a party at the Royal Castle in Poiana Iţcani (situated on the Putna Valley) in honor of the Crowning of His Majesty, King Mihai.


  • Logo design
  • Visual identity
  • Packaging
  • Print design

We started working with the Armeanu team 9 months before we launched our brand, and all the years to come. We appreciated their intuitive way to understand the values ​​and concepts that we want to develop. Every time they have succeeded in materializing our desires, in a surprising  way, even for us. That’s why everywhere we go, people appreciate the Valeputna brand and often this question arises: “What designer do you work with?”. Regarding the actual collaboration, we appreciated the strict framing in the deadlines. They have shown creativity even under the pressure of time, maintaining an English calm, never giving me a single episode of verbal tensions, or any kind of tension at all. The communication is exceptional; the Armeanu team is for us “on” 24/24, 7/7.

Thanks Armeanu Creative Studio!

Florin Stefan Irimescu

Owner Valeputna