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In the city of Wismar in Germany, on the Baltic Sea, overlooking the harbor, you will find Rialto restaurant. The elegance of the high quality furniture and the abstract interior design combine in a unique and expressive atmosphere that brings together the Mediterranean style with the cosmopolitan one.

The philosophy is simple: a warm and welcoming atmosphere, delicious food prepared exclusively from fresh ingredients of the highest quality.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Rebranding
  • Logo redesign
  • Visual identity system
  • Brand Book
  • Production:
  1. Web Design
  2. street signs
  3. business cards
  4. food & drinks menu
  5. vouchers
  6. branded objects


What problems do we solve through this rebranding project?

A traditional restaurant that relocated to a modern space of industrial origin, must maintain the professionalism that has enshrined it for a decade and revive its image adapting to the new environment.

In the northern part of the Wismar port of Germany were built in the year 1938 several industrial buildings of reinforced concrete. Buildingnumber 3 was built to serve as a barn.

Following the same simple and imposing lines of the reinforced concrete building, we reinvented the Rialto brand.


Rialto is a restaurant that appreciates the originality of the culinary recipes and places great emphasis on professionalism and quality.



How do we solve the problems that the brand faces?

The migration of the brand from the classic area into modernism, represented a real challenge, because we wanted to preserve the brand culture, settled in the 10 years of the restaurant’s history, illustrating the main values such as:

  • profesionalism

  • attention to details

  • elegance

The brand is defined by minimalism, where the simple lines emphasize the elegant look.

We created a close connection between the brand and the location of the restaurant. The building in which it is located represents an important historical symbol in the local community, so the logo is an abstract illustration of the architecture of the building combined with the figure 3. The building was formerly known as “Silo number 3”.

“We appreciate the collaboration with Armeanu Creative Studio. We like the team’s creativity, seriousness, quick and professional solution for our requirements, flexibility and especially the fact that they have integrated the values that we appreciate.”


Mihaela Dworak
Owner Rialto


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