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Pofta sau Foame (Lust or Hunger) starts from the concept of a fast food integrated in a maritime container.

The atmosphere is of a miniature brewery, full of life, where grill and rotisserie dishes are served.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Branding
  • Brand Book
  • Production:
  1. restaurant concept
  2. packaging
  3. stationary
  4. social media
  5. product presentation


What problems do we solve through this branding project?

Located in crowded areas in several cities in the country, this concept must communicate to a diverse audience the idea of street brewing.

We are looking for a vibrant, noisy, lively atmosphere.

The visual identity must position this brand as accessible, cool and friendly.


How do we solve the problems the brand faces?

We illustrate the energy by the strong black-red contrast.

The messages have a vulgar, comic accent, in tune with the noisy and energetic atmosphere of the locations.

The white line illustrations introduced in the design, together with the red brush mark, offer a cool, artistic, relaxed look.

Pofta sau Foame (Lust or Hunger) is a brand with a classic air and modernist accents; a vibrant and noisy brand, full of energy.

It is addressed to gourmets and the logo easily expresses this through the simplicity with which it conveys the message: it satisfies lust or hunger.

The entire development of the project was done through workshops both at their location and in our restaurants, to better understand our current business and how to do things.

I was most impressed by their warm way of doing things, they managed to make this process playful and creative. After the past experience with other brands and advertising companies, I can truly say that Armeanu Creative was by far the best choice.

Mihai Ilincuta

Marketing Director, Pofta sau Foame - Lust or Hunger


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