Noi Cash & Carry – Romania

“NOI” is the largest Cash & Carry store with 100% Romanian capital. It was born from the ambition of a single entrepreneur, from the desire to support small traders in rural areas and beyond.

The brand addresses store owners who need a wide variety of products at advantageous prices. This is the idea behind the slogan “Store of the stores” (“Magazinul Magazinelor”).

NOI Cash & Carry is a concept that incorporates values such as support and respect, with a dynamic culture and a friendly voice.

The buying process is fast, and the store staff guides the customer and recommends the products he needs, with a friendly and respectful attitude.



  • Naming
  • Logo design
  • Packaging
  • Brand Book
  • Production:
  1. ambient branding
  2. collateral
  3. posters / banners
  4. brochures, flyers
  5. launch campaign design
  6. employee guide line
  7. labeling sistem
  8. signaling system
  9. totem
  10. car branding
  11. costumes
  12. food area branding
  13. private labels branding
  14. workshops
  15. web design


What problems do we solve through this branding project?

The ambition of this project consists in a national expansion. NOI Cash & Carry must become a renowned, recognizable brand and a mainstay of supporting store owners in the province.

Visual identity must generate trust and professionalism, support and respect.

Located in a shopping center, surrounded by competitors, it must be visibly differentiated and attract attention. The warmth of the store staff and the discipline that underlies the rapid purchase process must be communicated through a well-implemented branding in all elements of interaction with the public.


How do we solve the problems the brand faces?

The brand’s voice is warm and friendly. The staff’s clothing has the message “we help you dearly” on the back, inviting the public to interact. Brand messages always start with a lowercase letter to generate warmth and closeness to people. The font is built of curved, soft lines, and the font, although it is a Bold, imposing, showing strength and respect, harmonizes with the brand’s voice through the warm color used.

The shade of blue that defines the visual identity is a color that generates emotions such as calm, power, harmony, security. We want the interior of the store to be one where customers can shop quietly, without agitation, an environment where they feel relaxed and where they want to return not for the low prices and diversity of products, but for the well-being and satisfaction of to interact with a brand that is with them and supports them, a brand that they believe in.

The graphic identity system is a minimalist one, which emphasizes messages, having a clean, airy visual in which the strong white-blue contrast dominates.


How do we make the brand visible?

The visual of the launch campaigns is built on the white-blue contrast, and the messages illustrate the closeness to people, the support of entrepreneurs and the diversity of products.

The campaigns ran for 60 days before the store launched.

The effects of these marketing actions led to a successful start of the brand.


The store’s own product brands.

We have developed 3 own brands, classified according to the quality of low, medium, high products, targeting different audiences:

Ale Hop, Simina, Hai-Hui

The products associated with these brands are: paper towels, household bags, toilet paper, mop, food foil, baking paper, aluminum foil, kitchen utensils, cutlery, napkins.



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