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Fishnet is fresh, cool & 100% natural. It is addressed to the young public, from the urban area; believes in fun and good will, being present at the main festivals with a concept of mobile kiosk food unique.

Fisnet is always close to those who want to enjoy the natural delights of trout and other local products.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Branding
  • Visual identity system
  • Brand Book
  • Production:
  1. food truck customization
  2. packaging
  3. clothing
  4. light boxes
  5. menus
  6. marketing communications


What problems do we solve through this branding project?

“We have created with great care a network of carefully selected products. We gathered the ingredients from the local community, and carefully prepared them in our factory in the mountains. I have prepared a food for you as you have never met. We want to share with you the experience of healthy, tasty and clean recipes, because you are part of our family. “

Florin Stefan Irimescu – Founder

Fishnet wanted to convey to the intelligent and emancipated audience, with a cool, friendly voice, the idea of 100% natural food in a unique fast-food concept. Daring and innovative. Trebuie sa iesim din tipare, sa fim stridenti, vizibili, dinamici si energici.

The real challenge lies in how we differentiate ourselves from the competition when we are in the food area of a mall.




The branding strategy showed us the way to a unique and remarkable concept on the supersaturated market that Fishnet made its entrance; I transposed the idea of cool and friendly using the minimalist color range, but which attracts attention.

Fishnet illustrates quality through simplicity and a “friendly approach”. The clothing is minimalist, as are the packaging of the products.

Strong contrast between the color of the packaging and the products

Through this contrast we easily highlight the products both in photo presentations and in restaurants.

We started working with the Armeanu team 9 months before the brand launch, and then all the years after.

I appreciated the intuitive way in which they understood what values and what concept we actually want to convey. Each time they succeeded in materializing our desires, in a surprising way.

Regarding effective collaboration, we appreciated strict compliance with deadlines. They have shown creativity even under the pressure of short deadlines, maintaining an English calm, not even mentioning a tension episode of verbal or other nature.

Thank you Armeanu Creative Studio!

Florin Irimescu



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