Dines – fast food franchise rebranding

We have revived the visual identity of the restaurant coming up with a new, cool, dynamic concept, full of vibrant colors.

Dines has become a living location full of energy and good mood. The American, young look placed the Dines restaurant chain on the competitive market of Bucharest, addressing in a friendly manner to a large audience.


  • Brand strategy
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Ambiental Branding
  • Product photography
  • Stationary
  • Web Design

The vibrant atmosphere and vibrant colors

We have transposed the living colors of the food into the visual identity of the brand. We have created a vibrant atmosphere through architectural elements that animate the space and through multicolored design of promotional materials. Dines emphasizes deligh, good mood & good food.

I was surprised with results that exceeded my expectations. What I appreciated the most in this collaboration is their creativity and promptness.
Although the concept departed from my initial vision, this team of professionals convinced me with strong arguments to choose their rebranding proposal.
I am delighted with the public’s reaction to our new image.
I can only thank them for their passion and involvement and to recommend them with confidence.
Dines Adrian

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