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Asahi Technologies is a New York-based software development company with over 10 years of experience and clients from a wide range of industries. The company was founded by a software engineer with a passion for mathematics and computer science, who spent over two decades specializing and perfecting himself in this field.


  • Rebranding strategy
  • Logo redesign
  • Packaging
  • Brand Manual
  • Applications:
  1. website redesign
  2. company presentation
  3. offer
  4. social media branding
  5. document customization
  6. email signature
  7. business cards


What problems do we solve through this branding project?

The company is based on solid principles and a team of dedicated experts. The work methodology is very well structured and always leads to the desired results, often exceeding customer expectations.

The excellent services offered by the company needed a tailor-made brand.

The challenge consisted in discovering and materializing the fundamental elements of the brand (purpose, vision, mission, values, positioning), later translated through the brand’s voice, tone of voice, main messages and the entire visual identity system.

Through this re-branding process we managed to bring out the true identity of Asahi Technologies.


Brand positioning

Software development is a very competitive and dynamic field. Within the re-branding strategy we made a detailed analysis of direct competitors but also the internal analysis of the Asahi brand at that time.

Taking into account the values ​​and principles assumed by the company, we managed to create a unique and authentic personality, translated both visually and through key messages.


In the rebranding strategy, the whole foundation of the brand was established (purpose, mission, vision, values, pyramid, target group, voice and tone of voice, personality, archetype, positioning, attributes, description, uniqueness, story, etc.).

Following these elements we developed three visual concepts that we refined and edited until they reached the perfect shape that best represents the dimension of the brand.


The developed logo was the source of inspiration for the site’s theme.

Asahi means “morning sun” in Japanese.
Asahi Technologies represents a new beginning, innovation and evolution.

The topaz green color suggests the feeling of cool and fresh calm of the morning.

The circle behind the text symbolizes the sun, but applied to the website conveys the feeling of breathing, growth, evolution.

The bold letters of “Asahi” illustrate strength, while the small letters give it a friendly and approachable feel.


The website is the main method of advertising and presentation of the company. Therefore it must reflect with accuracy the brand, the services and the team behind it..

It also had to contain vital information about the services as well as the client portfolio.

The volume of content on the site is very large, but the structure and design easily guides the visitor, highlighting the main messages of the brand.


We shared the website with more than 25 customers (present and past), and everybody went ‘Wow!’. They were really appreciative of the sheer brilliance and cutting edge feel of the new website and branding.
One of the clients reviewed the website and told us that our website gave a certain feel, and brand feel was exactly what we started with in the brand positioning before we created the website.
This tells us that the brand feel beautifully translated into the applications that Armeanu Creative Studio created for us.

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