The Romanian Mici ”Litălși” on Broadway

Traditional food is a key component of the cultural identity of peoples, reflecting their history and geography (including natural resources), as well as external influences on the community.

It is fascinating how certain ingredients or preparation methods can be traced back in time to reveal past trade relations, migrations, conquests, and other cultural influences. It is believed that mici (Romanian grilled sausages) were influenced by Ottoman cuisine (due to the significant historical presence in the Balkan region and Romanian territories) and resemble kebabs and Turkish meatballs.

Mici have been recorded in Romania since the late 19th century, with Ion Luca Caragiale being among the literary figures associated with the first mentions of mici.

Caragiale frequently mentions various Bucharest establishments, including restaurants and taverns where local dishes were served. “La Iordache” is one such place, renowned for its mici. The owner of this restaurant, Iordache Ionescu, is often credited with popularizing mici in Bucharest. According to legend, mici were accidentally invented here when the cook ran out of casings for sausages and placed the meat mixture directly on the grill.

The “Caru’ cu Bere” restaurant in Bucharest is also cited as one of the first places where mici became popular. Regardless of who the creator of mici was, for over a century, mici have been considered a symbol of Romanian cuisine, defining Romania’s culinary identity. They are present at fairs, festivals, and on the menus of traditional restaurants. This year, mici were featured at the 23rd edition of the “Romania Day on Broadway” festival in New York.

“Litălși – niște mititei” is one of the brands created in our studio, which crossed the ocean and reached Broadway, delighting the taste buds of participants. A 100% Romanian brand, it brings the tradition of mici beyond the country’s borders, offering an authentic experience and opening new culinary horizons.

The brand has a friendly and playful visual identity, using a typographic design that reflects the brand’s humorous and familiar attitude. The brand’s voice is comic, meant to bring smiles and good cheer to everyone; from hipsters to retirees, from corporate employees to civil servants, the brand appeals to everyone in an inclusive environment, offering delight and reward.

Through this brand, we aim to bring the essence of Romanian tradition, reinterpreted in a contemporary way, closer to the hearts of everyone, whether Romanian or foreign. “Litălși” is not just about food, it is about the joy of sharing a part of our culture in an authentic and delicious way.

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