International award-winning Rebranding – Valeputna

The Valeputna rebranding project was awarded in April 2021 by the A’Design Awards.

In 1896, in the small village of Valea Putnei was founded the first trout farm under the name of “Valeputna Fischbruthutte”. It is here where the first “cobza” of smoked trout was crafted. It soon became one of the local products loved by the royal family and King Mihai I.
ValePutna carries on the story of this tradition and creates unique recipes, with innovative taste and natural ingredients. The brand honors the memory of the first artisans by continuing the culinary art of smoking and preparing of the trout.
The rebranding process focused on reflecting as accurately as possible the history and values ​​of ValePutna, bringing to the fore the inherited roots and the passion for smoked trout recipes.
The new packaging image won the Silver award at the A’Design Awards -“Packaging Design Category in 2021”
The jury was composed of over 200 people (designers, academics and members of the press), from 56 countries.