The Valeputna rebranding project was awarded in April 2021 by the A’Design Awards.

Valea Putnei translated to Putna Valey, is the name of an old little village from Bucovina, Romania, located on the bank of the Putna River. In 1896 was founded here the first trout farm under the name of “Valeputna Fischbruthutte”. Here is where it was invented the local delicacy known as “Cobza”, smoked trout with fir cones and beechwood, dressed in fir-tree branches and tied in hazel twigs. This artisanal product was beloved by the royal family and became a representative item for that geographical area. Valeputna is a Romanian food brand, that carries on the legacy of the smoked trout. The purpose of the brand is to preserve and to perfect archaic local recipes while innovating and improving all the products. The brand is a tribute to history and to the artisans to whom it owns the secrets of the recipe for smoking.

The values of the brand are: refinement, tradition, quality and ethics.


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