visual identity manual

Branding, although developed by a graphic designer through a creative, artistic process, follows a strict set of rules. These rules define a company’s image. It is very important that the visual identity is a unified one, regardless of the situation in which it is applied. This is why any branding project developed is delivered together with a Visual Identity Manual or Brand Manual.

This manual is a guide to the use and application of graphic identity: from the design of a business card to the development of an advertising campaign or how to communicate with the target audience. Among the rules in this manual are:

  • logo sizing and spacing
  • using a colour palette
  • key visuals – the use of graphic elements that define the brand
  • typeface – fonts, text chromatics and typographic alignment
  • brandig of objects – stationery, car, promotional materials
  • mode of communication – verbal and visual (apart from advertising graphics, an important aspect is the dress code)

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