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About design

Articles about branding, graphic design, illustration, web design and product photography

The difference between logo and brand

The idea of ​​branding is perceived erroneously by many people. Often the "brand" idea is mistaken for the logo, although these are two totally different things, yet coming from the same family. In this article we will define both concepts, understanding the "logo"...

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Color Symbolism

Culorile au o simbolistica puternica pentru oamenii din întreaga lume. Culorile influențează nu numai emotiile, ci și semnificația în religie și în diferite culturi. Indiferent de tipul de proiect - design de logo, ilustratie, web design, design de materiale tiparite...

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About graphic design

  When work becomes a lifestyle, success appears. Being a graphic designer does not imply a type of work that can be done spontaneously, on demand; requires a certain mental state, relaxation, inspiration and creativity. Inspiration comes from life experience. That's...

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Damasquino – product photo session

Food is a ritual, it nourishes the body and the spirit and brings a state of well-being. The oriental world, so diverse and nuanced, shows us a new style of eating. The product's arrangement, the color palette, the way of serving, the chosen ingredients and, in...

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Golden age games illustration

We got a challenge from a Romanian client to come up with a package design for facial napkins that should bring up childhood memories. The world had change a lot in the last 30 years. The technological revolution had moved the gaming into the virtual space. Back in...

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B&C Moto – branding

The client is a motorcicle accesories shop that expanded to a moto service and custom moto building. We had to come up with a new brand that could easily divide into the 3 sections, without major changes to the logo (only colors and text). The logo has a vintage look...

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